Tools of the Trade - Music

Prime Day favorites continue - these albums are either already mine or by artists I recommend. This is just a short collection - we will have to do lots more later!

For writing it’s always important for me to have instrumental music or music in a foreign language. If I hear lyrics in English I’ll sing along instead of writing. But hey if it’s Italian - I’m golden.

Check out these popular albums:

And … before you go, Stephen Covey’s classic - 7 Habits of Highly Effective People the infographic version is FREE for Prime members! Such a classic and helpful book that I have read and re-read for many years.

If you don’t already use a streaming program for music check out this deal with Amazon! You get unlimited music for 4 months for just $.99

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Creativity with a Doodle? Yes!

I have to admit something.  I absolutely love it when creative worlds merge.  The overlap between fields of creativity can be missed sometimes, but when they merge its an amazing a beautiful thing!  I stumbled across this video on facebook the other day and of course, In the Hall of the Mountain King has been a staple in my music studio for many years.  But this gives it new life! It's imaginative and creative and I can't stop watching.  I thought maybe some others would appreciate it too!