Victoria Duerstock




A MidSouth transplant from Sunny Florida, Victoria Duerstock is living out her "one day" dreams.  An avid reader from way back, she has a voracious appetite for all things bookish.  She reads fiction and non-fiction alike but well written fiction that makes her solve a mystery or an ending she didn’t anticipate really grabs her attention.  She’s even been known to read a manual or two. Ok really, she reads all the manuals.  Her love of reading has always been the flame that burned deep inside with the desire to pursue a writing career after she watched her children fly the nest. The Lord’s timing has proven different as He has opened new doors for her now instead of waiting for one day.

Victoria enjoys blogging regularly for Women to Women ministries - you can find her writing to moms each Friday about a variety of topics.  She’s also a contributor for Just 18 Summers  and she maintains her own blogs Encouraging Women Today and the Creative Corner.

As a teacher and speaker, Victoria’s mission is to intentionally seek to inspire hope and ignite bigger dreams for God’s purpose and His glory in each of our stories. She enjoys speaking at women’ retreats and conferences. As a wife and mother to three beautiful children, she feels the need to connect and encourage other women in their journeys.

As a writer, Victoria is excited to pursue publication of her novel Fractured, the first of three books in her clean read crime/suspense trilogy.  She’s also pitching her Life Lessons series beginning with Life Lessons in the Studio and Leverage, a real life story of one church desiring to work and connect in the inner city block of their community and application section so other churches can replicate the same process in their communities. 

In her spare time, she homeschools two of her children, 8th grade and 11th grades, and helps them run their own businesses.  Wearing a variety of hats has become very normal so you may catch her on any given day, writing, editing, pitching, working social media, or taking on a plethora of tasks with Serious Writer, Inc.  She’s most excited about this brand new adventure!  Such a great group of people who have big vision and have merged together to launch an all-encompassing author base of operations to encourage authors to reach their fullest potential. She’s also very proud to be a member of Word Weavers International and the president of her Page 8 online group.