Writing Workshops and Classes

Create Engaging Opt-Ins for your Email List - hands on workshop with practical application for creating interesting and desirable downloads to acquire new readers for your email list.  We will be using real life examples to learn what to do or what not to do!

Explode your Growth on Twitter - Explosive growth on Twitter is possible, but not by using any secret methods. Applying the proven formulas we have heard before and measuring growth can yield unbelievable results. Victoria will share how she built her Twitter following from meager numbers to over several thousand followers in just one year, without buying any lists or leads.

Create Engaging Characters with Personality Profiles - Creating characters in our novels is not difficult when they are just like us, but what about when they aren’t? Using the different personality profiles available we can create characters that jump off the page and connect with readers because they are believable.

Using schedulers to enhance your social media platforms and SAVE TIME! - a quick review of the different schedulers that exist and how they work, what they cost, etc., followed by practical application for how to use them to maximize effectiveness in growing your platform and saving your time and sanity!

Inspirational and Women's Ministry Topics and Keynotes

Great for retreats across multiple days or single talks

Life Lessons from the Bible - Proverbs is full of life lessons that we need to not only know and apply to our lives as individuals but to share lovingly with our children.  Our desire should be to parent our children for their later adulthood.  Victoria will share some of her favorite lessons rooted in Scripture.  These will be an encouragement to you as you have a meaningful list of ideas for purposeful parenting.

"Fear Not" in the Bible - There are at least 365 “fear nots” in the Bible one for every day of the year.  Is that true? Just what does the Bible say about the way we need to live our lives for the Kingdom?  Victoria will share what her journey into the “fear nots” has taught her as she began her adult coloring project website and shares her personal insights.

Dancing in the Dark - Life is not all rainbows and unicorns, and the tough things can take us by surprise.  Victoria has walked through some challenging paths and knows what it’s like to not see or understand what God is doing.  Sharing from her experience, and the Scriptures that encouraged her during the dark days, she will motivate and inspire those who are facing similar crises to dance in the darkness too.

Walking through Cancer  - Victoria’s mom was diagnosed with cancer when Victoria was 18.  She knows firsthand what it’s like to watch her mother experience the roller coaster of a cancer diagnosis.  She also knows what it’s like to see friends walk the same road. The stories of encouragement, camaraderie, and inspiration from the words of Scripture are combined to create an uplifting talk to encourage those going through the same challenge.

Leverage - What does a life lived completely and fully sold out to God look like?  Can the average, ordinary person live a life that could do the work of ministry and mission and impact our culture for Christ? Victoria will share some excellent examples of just that - ordinary people doing extraordinary work for the kingdom by leveraging their hobbies, jobs, and talents for missions.

James - Years ago Victoria committed to memorizing the book of James during a study.  Unfortunately, her good intentions fell short, and she never did make it to the end.  Being driven by the desire not just to have good intentions but to BE INTENTIONAL, the summer of 2016 brought a renewed commitment and public accountability.   Victoria will share her personal testimony of her memorization of the book of James and lessons she learned in her study along the way.

Prayer - What does the Bible have to say about prayer?  How do I spend time praying each day, and what should I say?  What about prayer journals, and keeping track of praises as they occur?   Prayer is one of Victoria’s favorite subjects to share, and she has spent several years reading what the Bible has to say, and what some very skilled authors have shared about prayer over the last few decades. 


Bringing Christmas Home - The work of the holidays can interfere with our Joy in a season that should instead be Full of Joy.  Victoria seeks to encourage women to be full of joy in this season and outlines how to not only stay in the word when things get busy, but how to organize and stay prepared for the break in routine.  She will also share her many failures in her attempts to create the “perfect Christmas.”  This can also be combined with a set of special music to emphasis Christmas Spirit!

Homeschool families and groups:

Conquering fear in Homeschooling - Motherhood, in general, is filled with much guilt and fear over many things.  Not the least of which is hoping to not mess our children up permanently!  Add to that the journey of homeschooling, and a mama might just lose her mind.  Victoria has been down that road, and will share the highs and lows of her experience and motivate you to carry on!

 Starting a Business with your Homeschoolers - After her first homeschool convention, Victoria decided that a business curriculum teaching her girls some business lessons that would make them useful as adults would be a good idea.  Ten years later, they still have a business that those girls are running and marketing and a product that’s pretty good to boot.  Victoria will share the path she took to starting a business with your homeschool!

 You CAN Homeschool through High School! - Encouragement to homeschool moms beginning their journey, or anticipating it coming, into high school.  Some practical, do's and don'ts based on Victoria's experience and what others shared with her along the way.


4-H/FFA groups, and Mom groups like MOPS

Life lessons in the Studio, on the Field and all around - The things our children do today - take piano, play baseball, or even weeding the garden can teach valuable life lessons that they need to know.  We may not realize that these activities are developing any character in our children, but in this talk, Victoria will highlight key points for you to think about the lessons they really are learning. 

Community Outreach Projects - Victoria knows that motherhood can be a difficult time to reach out to others.  The different seasons can be challenging and tough especially when there’s little sleep for mom.  Victoria will encourage you to think about the various ways a community project can work, and the value for our children to see that other people are more important than just "me, myself and I."

 Surviving AND Thriving in the Baby/Toddler years - My heart's desire is for all women to know they are so incredibly valuable.  Too many times, we, moms can get up each day just hoping to survive the day ahead, and it can create discouragement and depression.  Through sharing my personal experiences, the good, the bad and the ugly, I plan to leave you inspired, encouraged and motivated to thrive, not just survive!

 Surviving and Thriving as the Kids get older - Much like Victoria’s talk specifically to moms of littles, this talk centers around the school age years and beyond. Having a teenager doesn’t have to be like trying to survive the apocalypse, but you still need survival gear.  My heart's desire is for all women to know they are so incredibly valuable.  Too many times, we, moms can get up each day just hoping to survive the day ahead, and it can create discouragement and depression.  Through sharing my personal experiences, the good, the bad and the ugly, I plan to leave you inspired, encouraged and motivated to thrive, not just survive!