The Story Teller

Fascinating!  as I am working on my novel I am intrigued by the process.  As a voracious reader for my entire life, I am fascinated by being on the flip side of the coin.  The idea of creating something that I would like to read - so many fun parts to doing this! There are parts of the story that I am writing, while already knowing in advance how the story is going to end.  I know the plot, and I know the characters and how each will play their role through the story.  As I am working to write a scenario that will end up being unfinished as far as a particular relationship goes, I know it has to be unfinished because I know the end of the story.

As I sit back and think through the implications of this, I had the most impressive thought strike me that that is exactly what is going on in our own stories of our life.  We don’t see the end. We aren’t infinite.  The only point of view for our story is the moments that we are in right now and when things don’t turn out the way we expect them too we feel failure, pain, disappointment and even discouragement.

NEWSFLASH! But here’s the thing we don’t KNOW the end of our story.  We have no idea how the Divine Storyteller is currently weaving the story of our lives, and we don’t understand the plot twists.  We can’t understand because we haven’t seen the ending yet.  BUT HE HAS! And, even better, we are promised that He works all things for our good and for His glory.  Forgive me for having a moment here my friends, but I feel as if God has just given me a bit of insight into some of the things He’s working in my own story right now.

IMG_3948Many times I don’t understand the discouragement, the disappointment or the doubts - but I don’t know the ending.  Even better, I don’t have to know the ending, I just need to trust my StoryTeller and have faith that He is writing my story perfectly.

Best Laid Plans & the Moon

Sometimes the best laid plans really do go awry. 20 years ago, my husband had a perfectly orchestrated proposal planned out. He rented the convertible, planned the dinner and dessert, suggested the drive out to the beach for a walk and pre-recorded the midnight phone call for my very own cellphone.

It was all perfect, except for one small detail – me.

I’ve always kept him a little off kilter I think. I don’t think like he does, and I don’t look at things the way he does. So when he expected me to have my cellphone charged that night, I didn’t. Mistakenly, I assumed that since we would be together on our date that evening, it wouldn’t be necessary then to charge my phone since he was the only one who ever called me on it.

Of course, that threw a monkey wrench into everything.

I wasn’t really sure why he even rented a convertible on that April evening. It was still kind of cool in the evenings on those April nights in Pensacola and so while the top and windows were down, we had to blast the heat because I was so cold!

moon-1289674_1280He also kept acting strange all night. He kept asking why I hadn’t charged my phone and how much battery did it have left. I had almost left it at home that night – again he was the only one that called me on it – but I kept flipping it open and telling him –it’s got 10%, it’s got 5% etc. We were out walking on the beach when it finally died. He asked if it had any battery left and I said no. So we sat down on the sand and looked out at the sky. It was a beautiful night and the moon was beautiful. He started talking about the moon and how round it was and he ended up just winging his proposal and I remember being shocked and excited all at one time. He give me the ring and I said yes -  but I had literally no idea what I had put him through.   I had no idea how I had messed up his plans by letting my phone go dead.

We sure have laughed about this through the years – the reality is I wouldn’t change a thing! 20 years later it’s still a precious memory and I have loved reminiscing about it all day today!  And as Paul Harvey used to say "and now you have the rest of the story!"IMG_0245