Tools of the Trade - Focus on Video

Just a quick run down of some favorite tools I use in my creative space. Whether I’m recording video or music tracks, I have certain tools that I prefer!

With Amazon Prime day happening the next couple days I thought I’d link up to these things that I do use and love!

If you purchase through any of the links I list, I do receive a small affiliate commission and of course I appreciate the support immensely!

First I want to share my favorite lighting kit. This is especially important if you are recording video courses, teaching on line or even doing youtube or facebook live videos. Dark rooms make your videos difficult to watch. Help your audience out by lighting it up and play with the green screen background. There’s lots of options for adding background to your video if you don’t have a good place to record.

Next if you are recording you really need a decent microphone. A plug and play option into your computer is ideal and I’ve purchased more than one of these Yeti microphones through the years. The quality is amazing and you can’t go wrong with this one!

Last I have to mention don’t forget to backup. I had really let mine go close to Christmas last year because I was on a book deadline. But then I got an alert from Apple that my computer had a potential hard drive flaw. As in it could fail at any time. UM>>>>> after panicking and then backing up everything in sight for the next two days, I realized I never wanted to go through that again. So I decided then to keep a backup running regularly and this is a great price on this external hard drive. Don’t delay!

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