Tools of the Trade - Creative Fun

Some of the creative tools are just fun to have on hand. Things like paper, planners, stickers, pens and more keep us happy and fulfilled making beautiful things out of other things.

I couldn’t resist sharing some of the items that I love to keep on hand - I hope you’ll enjoy them too.

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First, I have to share these pencils. With an amazing variety of colors - I love the different shades especially when I’m doing my favorite coloring books of flowers and plants. The variety helps really provide the detail and color I’m looking for.

Next, these pens are pretty awesome for coloring, bullet journaling, and more. And I’d be silly not to share my favorite pens that I use for every day. I use the pink because well..I like it and it’s unique - so don’t all of you choose pink!

Planners and notebooks are essentials. Here’s a few of my favorites but lets be honest - I love them all!

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